i have been absent from blogging for some time now for various reasons and as i type really hope that i still have some readers left to read this post. various reasons mainly equal one crappy laptop that has crashed (taking with it two years worth of photos of our time here in the U.S.), a very short but lovely visit from my mum, sister and niece and basically allowing myself a well deserved break from social media to refresh and clear the blog block !

while I have been away a really lovely thing happened.  this little blog was featured in the very beautiful Isle Magazine, a new online Irish read that features the best of whats happening all around the island of Ireland.  I really don't like to toot my own horn but 'toot toot'....click here and hop to page 8 to find a lovely piece about Mod Erin written by Ireland's queen of social media Lorna Sixsmith. i am always pleasantly surprised to hear that others read and enjoy the blog and it was a real pleasure to be featured alongside some well known established blogs like Irish American mom, Paddys Wagon and Got Ireland. the really great thing about all of these bloggers is that like me they are all living outside of Ireland and it was a lovely nod for all of us from the homeland. the magazine is a fantastic read and after you have hopped to page 8 you really need to grab a cuppa, put your feet up and get stuck into the rest. 

it's good to be back and thanks for hanging in there in my absence. i am currently playing catch up and working on some new blog posts so do pop back in for some great design stories and more later in the week......


  1. Agh - sometimes I HATE laptops Brenda! Have you tried rescuing your hard drive and buying an external hard drive to case it in to rescue any photos and files on your old machine? Same thing happened with my laptop a couple of years back (there were tears!) but fortunately I was able to retrieve all my files. Worth a bash. Good luck! Siofra

  2. Hi Missus. Welcome back! . my laptop likes to play a game with me call "I'll get round to it when I am good and ready" grrr... it's like some test to see how badly I really want to do something on my laptop.. I hope all is well with you in MA and you musta loved to have had your family over with you.. I am sure you got a years worth of Irish essentials..lyons, tayto etc. x sinead

  3. welcome back dear Brenda! you've been missed!